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Graphic Design Solutions & Services

We provide our clients with professional graphic design content. With printable designs, including logos, we always include the source files for your printshop to use.

Logo Design / Branding

Craft an unforgettable identity with our logo and branding service. Elevate your business image and make a lasting impression on all your customers.

Social Media Content

Ignite engagement with our captivating social media content. Stand out in feeds, spark conversations, and build a loyal online community.

Printable Designs

Turn ideas into reality with our printable designs. From flyers to business cards, we make every occasion and promotion visually stunning.

Product Design

Innovate your products with our expert design service. Seamlessly blend form and function to create items that resonate with your target audience.

Advertising Content

Drive results through compelling advertising content. Captivate audiences, inspire action, and achieve your marketing goals with our strategic visual solutions.

Web / App Design

Transform visions into digital experiences. Our web and app design service combines aesthetics and usability for seamless online interactions that leave a mark.

Product Design Example

Security Glass Product
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Some Of Our Product Designs

Armoured One LLC sells security glass products designed for buildings, to slow down an attacker from gaining entry. Armoured One mainly works with schools to help prevent school shootings and lower the casualties from these atrocities with both security products and training. They are the leading company for school security in the nation and have already saved countless lives. They needed new product designs for their website so that their customers have a better understanding of what their products are made of and what they are best used for. These 4 designs show the differences in the products, labeling the material used to make them. These designs are used all throughout Armoured Ones website, sales sheets, PDFs, and more. We are very happy at Olex Digital that we could provide them with what they needed to keep saving more lives. 

We Provide professional website services and digital marketing services to clients

You don’t need to hassle with multiple different people to get the job done, we do it all.

General Question

We cover a broad amount of services, we know you probably have some questions. That is why we included this FAQ section if you want to learn more. 

We offer a comprehensive package: logo design, color palette, typography, and brand guidelines. This consistent image will elevate your business and establish trust. This style guide can be used by any designer to keep the brand elements consistent across all platforms. If your goal is to build a strong, recognizable brand, this package is for you. 

We curate diverse content: eye-catching visuals, compelling captions, and interactive elements. Our strategic approach maximizes engagement and cultivates a vibrant online community. Our content sparks conversations, encourages sharing, and showcases your brand’s personality. It’s an opportunity to build genuine relationships and humanize your business. All while being free since anyone can use social media, you only pay with effort to grow online. 

Our designs cover a wide spectrum: flyers, posters, brochures, business cards, letter heads, and more. Anything that can be printed with a design on it, we are capable of designing it for you. Whatever the occasion or purpose, we infuse creativity to make your message stand out. 

Innovative products stem from great design. Our experts combine aesthetics and functionality to create items that solve problems, resonate with consumers, and generate buzz. We collaborate closely to understand your goals and needs. From sketches to prototypes, we iterate to ensure your product embodies your vision and meets market demands. Well-designed products create a strong market presence. Their appeal attracts attention, enhances user experience, and can lead to higher sales and customer loyalty.

We blend creativity with strategy. Our content tells a story, evokes emotions, and motivates action – whether it’s a click, a purchase, or a subscription. Compelling content captures attention in a crowded marketplace. Our content strategy amplifies your message, making it resonate with the right audience and driving conversions. Our content optimizes engagement on platforms like Google Ads and social media. Increased visibility leads to more clicks, impressions, and ultimately, business growth.

Your digital presence is a virtual storefront. Our designs ensure user-friendly interfaces, seamless navigation, and aesthetic appeal to keep visitors engaged and convert them into customers. We combine aesthetics and functionality to create designs that enhance user experience. Our responsive designs adapt to various devices, guaranteeing a consistent and engaging interaction. Intuitive design improves user satisfaction, encouraging longer visits and repeat interactions. A positive online experience fosters trust, loyalty, and higher conversion rates.

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