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Our range of customized services is designed to cater to the distinct needs of each client. Our solutions are meticulously tailored to align with the specific requirements of every individual. Delve into our collection of case studies to uncover firsthand accounts of how we’ve truly impacted our clients’ experiences.

Armoured One LLC Client Portfolio Image

Armoured One LLC

Security Glass Company - 7/14/23

Our partnership with Armoured One involved a crucial mission: revamp their online presence to mirror their robust business persona and reclaim digital authority. To achieve this, we embarked on a journey of transformation. Starting with a complete overhaul of their website, we aligned it seamlessly with their brand essence, putting user experience at the forefront. In addition, we crafted innovative product designs, empowering their customers to discern between offerings and understand their distinct utilities, ultimately enhancing their product understanding.

In the aftermath of the comprehensive launch of their revitalized online presence, our client witnessed a remarkable 3x surge in business activity. Feedback from our client revealed that a substantial portion of their clientele specifically praised their website during deal discussions, highlighting the significant positive impact of the revamped online platform.

Direach Tattoo Gallery

Tattoo Studio - 7/19/22

Since its inception, we’ve partnered with Direach Tattoo Gallery. At the outset, owner Derek approached Olex Digital while the concept of the tattoo studio was still in the works. With a significant knowledge gap in establishing an online presence, Derek sought our expertise. Our involvement encompassed creating a brand/logo, a website, social media business accounts, and managing online ads for both new artists and new clientele.

Our journey began by crafting a robust brand identity, involving meticulous selection of color palette, typography, and logo design. We aimed to evoke a sense of luxury and elegance for the Direach brand.

Working closely with Direach, we employed Facebook and Instagram ads to populate the studio with artists. This included custom ad design, Meta ad account setup, launch, and ongoing campaign management. As a result, Direach Tattoo Gallery has flourished within a mere 10 months since its launch. With over 90 5-star reviews on their Google business account and strong local visibility on Google searches, their success story is well-established.

Direach Tattoo Gallery Client Portfolio Image
T.J.'s Lawns Plus, Inc Client Portfolio Image

T.J.'s Lawns Plus, Inc

Landscape Supplies & Services - 4/21/23

Established in 1988, T.J.’s Lawns Plus, Inc. had maintained a website that seemingly belonged to that era as well. Our collaboration with owner Tom brought a much-needed modernization to his digital presence. His original website, stagnant for over 12 years, featured outdated images, inaccurate information, and posed security risks to its users, warranting an immediate transformation.

The absence of any significant branding evolution since 1988 rendered the logo virtually unrecognizable due to years of distortion. Additionally, a lack of defined color palette and typography added to the challenge. In response, we embarked on revitalizing their brand. This involved restoring the logo to its original form, introducing a cohesive color scheme, and even including multiple fonts to enhance their identity.

Upon discussing the extensive range of improvements we could offer, Tom was genuinely impressed. Despite his bustling schedule with work and personal commitments, he was concerned that our project timeline wouldn’t align with his peak season. Capitalizing on his local presence, we provided product photography services for his bulk materials. In a span of just two months, we crafted a robust 70+ page website, conducted a photoshoot for over 60 products, and launched the website seamlessly on schedule. Our ability to deliver these results even amid his busy schedule exemplified our commitment to delivering quality outcomes.

Hemis General Detailing

Auto Detailing & Tint Shop - 12/30/20

Our affiliation with Hemis General Detailing dates back to before the inception of Olex Digital LLC. As our longest-standing client, our collaboration has been extensive and impactful, spanning a range of initiatives that can’t be fully recounted in this brief account. One prominent achievement was the comprehensive revitalization of their brand, which included the creation of a fresh logo and a dedicated push to establish strong local brand recognition.

Our unwavering support encompassed multiple facets of Hemis General’s operations. We not only devised effective marketing strategies and managed their Google account but also curated compelling content for their social media platforms and beyond. Of particular note, we optimized their website with features such as booking capabilities, online payment options, and interactive contact forms. These enhancements streamlined their business operations, enabling seamless automation even when the owner wasn’t present. Over time, our efforts have translated into the generation of thousands of dollars in business, solely through the website.

Hemis General Detailing Portfolio Image