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Digital Management Solutions & Services

Managing your business’s online presence can be challenging, especially if you’re focused on running your business or lack experience in the digital realm. Our solution? Skilled remote professionals who handle these tasks for you, ensuring a seamless online presence.

Google Manager

Boost visibility with Google My Business Management. Dominate local searches and attract customers effortlessly. Respond to reviews, edit information, and more.

Website Manager

Do you need a dedicated manager to do routine edits, maintenance, and updates to your website? Let your website shine while you focus on growth.

Business Profile Manager

Shape your brand's image with Business Profile Manager. Consistency across platforms, strong impressions. Showcase your identity, captivate your audience.

Online Presence Manager

Do you need it all? Get an expert that handles your entire online presence all at once, from your GMB account to your website. Bundle it all together for more consistency and ease of use.

Ad Manager

Maximize impact with an Advertising Manager. Targeted campaigns, measurable results. Amplify your message, conquer your market, and fuel business growth.

Digital Project Manager

Streamlined tasks, on-time delivery, no mis-information. Harness control of your project by tagging in one of our DPM to make sure your original designer is moving along correctly.

How We Manage Remotely


Efficiently managing remote tasks is second nature for seasoned professionals. Our team has years of experience across the digital spectrum, recognizing the challenges that arise for those unfamiliar with the environment. We’ve witnessed that businesses that attempt these tasks solo often undermine their progress by misusing their time or yielding bad results.

Enter our digital management services – meticulously designed to reclaim your business’s time, energy, and finances. We’re committed to unwavering excellence. Our mission is simple: always work to benefit our clients overall business goals. By expertly handling online tasks, we restore precious hours for our clients to steer their enterprises in the right direction.

Employing full-time staff for such tasks proves costly; the smarter route is contracting. Our contractors are industry expertise, ensuring you only pay them when you need them, no idle expense. When the issues of managing your online presence and business at the same time become overwhelming, look outward to Olex Digital – your solution for sustainable growth.

Owner Of Olex Digital Isaiah Czyz

Isaiah Czyz

CEO of Olex Digital LLC

We Provide professional graphic design and digital marketing to clients

You don’t need to hassle with multiple different people to get the job done, we do it all.

General Question

We cover a broad amount of services, we know you probably have some questions. That is why we included this FAQ section if you want to learn more. 

Google My Business Management involves optimizing your business profile on Google to enhance local search visibility. We ensure accurate information, positive reviews, and engaging content. We not only post on your GMB but also respond to your reviews, increasing your businesses ranking. An optimized and well managed GMB profile boosts local search rankings, increases online visibility & credability, and drives more potential customers to your doorstep. It’s a powerful tool for attracting local business. 

A Website Manager takes the hassle out of website maintenance and modifications. We ensure your site is up-to-date, secure, and optimized for peak performance, along with making any necessary changes to the site, allowing you to focus on your core business tasks. Regular website maintenance boosts user experience, enhances security against cyber threats, and improves loading speed. A well-maintained site also ranks higher in search results. A polished and responsive website instills confidence in your visitors, making them more likely to engage and convert. Delivering an exceptional online experience sets you apart from competitors.

A Business Profile Manager maintains consistent branding and messaging across different platforms, ensuring your online presence represents your business accurately. They set up the business accounts for optimal performance, making your social media a salesman for your business. We implement automatics messaging so you never miss a lead and scheduled posts. Your manager will set up your account so that it fosters trust, establishes a strong brand identity, and makes your business memorable. It reinforces your credibility and makes a lasting impression.

A Online Presence Manager strategizes your digital footprint, making sure you’re visible where it matters. We optimize your online profiles for maximum impact, reach, and consistency. Resulting in a strong, credible, and memorable brand. An effective online presence expands your reach, attracts new customers, and strengthens your reputation. It’s the foundation for successful digital marketing campaigns. A well-managed online presence drives more qualified leads, opens new opportunities, and positions you as an industry authority. It’s a gateway to broader business success.

Your Advertising Manager will make sure your accounts are set up correctly on all platforms to run ads efficiently. They only provide local ads to businesses. Advertising Manager designs, executes, and monitors targeted ad campaigns. We optimize ad spend, maximize ROI, and drive meaningful engagement with your target audience. Effective advertising boosts brand exposure, generates leads, and accelerates sales growth. It’s a precise way to connect with potential customers in a competitive landscape.

A Digital Project Manager is brought in to on-going projects with freelancers or agencies. You hire a Digital Projected Manager when you feel like your project isn’t going fast enough or correctly. They will tag along with the developer/designer on the project, checking their work to make sure they are not telling you incorrect information. If necessary your Digital Project Manager may assist the other party in completing the project.

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